• Posted On: July 31, 2014

Behind every strong community is an effective community development manager. Behind every effective community development manager is a technological solution that makes their job easier.

You might think the first attribute of an effective community development manager would be that the person is from the community and has a personal tie to it, but that fact is really only one part of their overall success. The first thing most community development managers will say they think contributes to a positive role is effective communication skills. Speaking skills, written communication, the ability to convey their thoughts and directions accurately and effectively – these are all vital parts of their daily tasks.

An empathetic leader can also provide excellent community development services. They must be able to convincingly engage with the community. Without empathy this can’t happen. A leader has to have the ability to put themselves in the place of the citizens who live in their community. Those citizens come in all shapes and sizes, so this is no small feat.

The appropriate attitude is also a valuable attribute. Keeping a level head in the face of adversity is a characteristic of a strong leader. Community development personnel face challenges on a daily basis, from apathetic community members to overzealous neighborhood watchdogs, there are plenty of personalities one has to deal with while keeping a level head.

Organization is also a factor that is part of the formula for success. Many otherwise effective community development managers are faced with roadblocks in the workflow due to too many manual processes. This is where technology enters into the mix.

When departments that are using antiquated workflow processes surround a community development manager, the entire operation is handicapped. The old saying that your team is only as fast as your slowest member holds true here. You can have some of the best department heads and community managers on your team, but when poor organizational tools hamper them, the quality of leadership suffers.

What the best managers have at their disposal are the right tools for everyone on the team. These tools should not only improve workflow through automated processes, but also improve the communication between community members and the city.

Maybe you’ve noticed within your own department your employees are using antiquated processes, like taking notes on paper instead of through an automated system. The paperwork has a tendency to stack up because the information requires more processing by other people and what should only take a few moments to complete gets pushed back. This leads to poor performance and a disconnect between the city and the community. The community might see it as bureaucratic “red tape,” but it’s actually just an antiquated workflow process that needs to be replaced.

Comcate realized that government could be run more efficiently and communication could improve, so we built solutions to help communities like yours. If your community development manager is currently hampered by a lack of technological resources, Comcate could be the solution for the situation. We developed software that provides employees with automated processes that improve every aspect of government and communication with your most valuable asset – your citizens.

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