• Posted On: December 12, 2014

Building investors in Las Vegas got hit hard during the recession. Many projects were put on hold as some investors went bankrupt. That was then; this is now. Las Vegas is seeing such an uptick in construction that Clark County officials have had to outsource building permits.

Outsourcing the process of issuing building permits is nothing new for the county, which started handing off this task in 1983. However, due to the lack of permits needed since the recession, the county has handled all of them up to now.

The outside companies chosen to assist the county include one with offices in 140 countries where they test, inspect and certify new structures. A county official said the reason they chose this company is to speed up the process of handing out building permits. Landlords and developers are pleased with this as they were beginning to see a lag in the time it takes to get their permits. For instance, one contractor said it shouldn’t take more than six weeks to get a permit, but his wait was around 10 months.

There is some controversy surrounding the use of an outside firm to handle the permits. One construction representative said the county has the resources to handle it internally, especially in the county courthouse where there is plenty of office space for new hires.

Government is a beacon for criticism, and Clark County workers are no exception to the rule. One contractor said the office workers he sees are never working. If Clark County is like many other county government offices in that it hasn’t embraced the latest technology, including building permit software, there is a good chance that productivity is indeed lacking.

Governmental agencies that embrace building permit software gain many efficiencies, there is no need to outsource work. Instead of rushing to hire more people internally to handle an influx of building activity, the software effectively and efficiently manages the flow of the work process. For instance, when it comes to pulling up property history for a contractor, the process can take a long time when using manual processes, but with building permit software, staffers can gain easy access to the information, often with the click of a button.

Automation is the key to gaining efficiencies. When printing permits and other forms, the software automatically populates case information. Another perk is automated fee tracking, which gives insights into when fees were paid and when they are due.

Building permit software should also come equipped to handle GIS integration so inspectors can easily map out their daily case loads and verify owner information. Robust reporting features in the software should also include options to attach photographs and further documentation as needed.

Comcate is a company that knows that an empowered governmental worker is one that can do the job of any outsourced agency, but more efficiently. Instead of paying to hand off work to others, our building permit software puts the power in the hands of your employees in nearly every department.

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