• Posted On: April 20, 2020

It goes without saying, we are all living in unprecedented times. As agencies and departments are faced with the challenges of having to pivot quickly and efficiently to support their communities and employees working remotely. Comcate’s solutions are designed to be modified to quickly help our clients achieve just that. To learn more, read on!

New Initiatives Can Be Supported Quickly and Easily

Comcate designs its software to meet the needs of agencies over time. The design includes the ability to update configurations and workflow to support new programs on the fly at no incremental investment. 

Add Custom Fields on the Fly

By adding custom fields you can immediately filter and track case and contact information.  These fields can be added by agency administrators or Comcate support. An example, adding whether or not an address is located in a downtown business district allows the agency to report on all activity in that area.

Create New Notices or Update Existing Notices on the Fly

Change existing notices or create new notices to support new initiatives. This can be done in the setup section on the fly. Clients have recently worked with us to create notices to communicate the need to close businesses that are not essential.

Generate Notices Remotely

Despite stay in place orders, the business of keeping cities running smoothly hasn’t stopped. Comcate’s remote solutions allow code enforcement officers to stay on task. One way our solutions achieve this is by allowing officers to generate, issue, and follow up on notices. These notices let officers include photos of violations and are configured to your cities specifications. 

It can feel overwhelming for agencies who strive to support their communities despite stay in place orders, but Comcate is here to help. Comcate’s team is working remotely to ensure that our clients have the tools they need to help their cities continue to thrive. To learn more about how our solutions can support your work, contact us here

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