• Posted On: February 28, 2017

What’s Next For Comcate?

Comcate’s Roadmapping Process


Our software roadmap is a process we rely on day in and day out to ensure we’re continually meeting our customers needs. We are focused on delivering reports and we are targeting to deliver this to our customers before the end of March. We have already begun working on a new UI/UX.

How do we do it?



Step 1: Identify needs

We listen closely to customers as they use our products and determine what improvements can be made to ensure we’re delivering a top notch product.


Step 2: Define requirements

We go back to our product management and development team and get a technical plan together to make the desired improvements to the product. We can determine our timeline and be sure that all of the requested updates are able to be made effectively.


Step 3: Get user feedback

We want to make sure that what we heard was translated properly to our developers, and their plan translates back to what our customers need. We confirm that our plan fits with what our customers would like to see.


Step 4: Build

This part takes the longest, but is the most crucial in ensuring complete success for our customers. We take a detailed approach to the build to avoid bugs, glitches and technical issues that would cause annoyances for customers.


Step 5: Test

We have a beta testing group to whom we roll out our updates for further testing. We love this step to be sure that the needs we’ve identified and the changes we’ve made are consistent with the feedback we’ve received.


Step 6: Feedback

This is the moment of truth. Our beta testers comb our work to make sure it is technically sound, meets the requirements set forth, and is an improvement to their existing platform. We appreciate full honesty in this stage, and rely on our beta testers to give us the go ahead to release our new product.


Step 7: Product Release

The most exciting part! We get to release our updated product to our customers confident in the product we’re delivering. When one release is rolled out, we move on to the next update and start the process over!

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