At Comcate, we are always striving to better our solutions to provide our clients with the tools to better serve their communities. Our newly updated Fines and Payments Manager is a testament to that commitment. With new features, this tool is the perfect answer for departments who are working remotely. To learn more about Fines and Payments Manager, read on!

Manage Fines with Ease

Comcate’s newly updated Fines and Payments Manager allows you to create and manage fines and payments within your agency, or if you are working remotely. This allows you to stay on top of incoming fines and act accordingly should fines become overdue. Fines and Payments Manager lets users manage fines through the case inspections, or by manually adding the fines on the case details page outside of an inspection.

Configured to Your Unique Needs

At Comcate, we understand that every agency is different. That’s why we’ve made Fines and Payments Manager configurable to allow you to create a fine structure best suited for your needs. This is done by setting a default amount and a due date from your agency’s unique settings. 

Efficiently Manage Payments

The Fines and Payments Manager also lets you log in incoming payments and keep track of outstanding balances. By automatically updating the balance as soon as payment is recorded, users can be confident that they are working with the most accurate account of a due balance. This not only saves time, but it also creates a more accurate environment for payment processing.

Fines and Payments Manager is just one way that Comcate is helping support agencies that are having to work remotely. Would you like to learn more about how Fines and Payments Manager can help your department? Please contact us here or email us directly at

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