• Posted On: December 10, 2019

Upland, California is a bustling city in San Bernardino County with a population of 73,732 stretching across 15.66 square miles of land. With a team of four, they had a lot of area to cover with no technology to support their efforts. At any given time, the small code enforcement team was manually managing 50-100 cases, causing disorganization of historical data and duplicated efforts. Reporting, of course, was nearly impossible. Simply put, Upland needed a code enforcement solution that is easy to use, and could improve their day-to-day workflows and case management, while also giving its city managers the reporting tools they need to improve their community. 

That’s where Comcate’s newly released Code Manager came into place and completely transformed Upland, CA’s code enforcement processes. After implementing the software Upland’s code enforcement team went from manual paper trials to operating a digital, organized platform.

“Code Manager allows our team to work more efficiently from anywhere in the field, and easily close out cases within two-clicks.” City of Upland

Code Manager software utilizes geo-location services to enhance code enforcement efficiency and leverages real-time notifications to decrease the amount of time spent on managing a cases.  With the addition of reporting, Comcate allows Upland PD to quickly access data and volumetrics for internal and external requests.

Comcate’s Code Manager and Upland’s immediate success highlights the future of code enforcement software and modern technology for local agencies. With improved workflows, automated alerts, and easy integration, Code Manager allows agencies to spend less time on internal processes and more time in the field improving the community they serve. 
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