• Posted On: February 03, 2020

El Monte, CA, is a bustling city located in Los Angeles County. With a population of 113,475 residents spanning over 9.65 square miles of land, El Monte’s four Animal Control Officers have their work cut out for them.

With up to seventeen cases logged each day, El Monte’s Animal Control Department needed a system that would help them streamline their operations. That’s when they turned to Comcate to implement an Animal Control Manager solution.

With Animal Control Manager, officers have been able to quickly improve their day-to-day workflow and stay ahead of their deadlines. The solution also lets El Monte city managers generate new, accurate reporting. Comcate’s Animal Control Manager has helped transform El Monte, California’s from a manual process to a digital environment. 

 “Technology grows every day, and Animal Control Manager can hold more records, do filings, and it’s friendly on the environment.” – City of El Monte

Comcate’s Animal Control Manager and El Monte’s success is a perfect example of how modern technology is the ideal solution for local agencies. Thanks to automated workflow, mobile access, and automatic alerts, officers can spend more time in the field doing what they do best. Want to learn more about Comcate’s Animal Control Manager? Click here!

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