• Posted On: March 06, 2020

Pittsburgh, CA, is a thriving city located in Contra Costa County. With a population of 63,264 residents spanning over 17.19 square miles, Pittsburg’s four officers handling abandoned vehicles have their work cut out for them.

With each officer managing over 100 cases at once, Pittsburg’s Abandoned Vehicle Department needed a system that would modernize and streamline their operations. Prior to Comcate, Pittsburg’s officers were managing cases with paper files, and when they could access a database, it was slow and outdated. That’s when they reached out to Comcate to implement their Abandoned Vehicle Manager solution.

With Abandoned Vehicle Manager, officers have been able to quickly improve their daily operations and now have access to a fast and functional system. The solution also is a great tool for Pittsburg city managers, allowing them to quickly generate case details reports. Comcate’s solution has truly helped transform Pittsburg, California’s Abandoned Vehicle Department from a manual process to a modern, digital environment. 

 “Before Abandoned Vehicle Manager, the biggest issue we had was not having access to other people’s cases. By having access to this app, I can search for any case, even if I don’t have the case number, using just the street or number. It doesn’t matter whose case it is, we can search for any of them.” – City of Pittsburg

Comcate’s Abandoned Vehicle Manager and Pittsburg’s success shows how modern technology can improve operations for local agencies. Thanks to automated workflow, mobile access, and automatic alerts, officers can spend more time in the field doing what they do best.

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