Aug. 2014

How to Reduce Animal Control Costs in Your Community

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What issues are you currently experiencing with animal control? Are you able to address citizen concerns regarding the number of strays populating your neighborhoods?

The American Pet Products Association’s report from 2012 estimates that there are 83.3 million dogs owned in the U.S.; 47 percent of households have at least one dog; and 20 percent have two or more. The APPA also estimates that there are 95.6 million owned cats in the U.S. (this doesn’t account for feral cats). Even though there are 3,500 animal shelters in the U.S., they can’t keep up with the nearly eight million dogs and cats entering these shelters each year.

You can get a handle on your animal control issues by becoming more efficient and effective with animal control and by partnering with a software vendor to provide the right solutions. For instance, how do you currently file reports of animals running free on your city’s streets? Many animal control departments are still using pen and paper to write up reports, which are slowly and ineffectively pushed through the system.

Without automated workflow processes enabled by technology, animal control officers are less efficient in their jobs and can handle fewer caseloads. When their workflow is hampered by time consuming manual processes, officers can’t generate reports in an efficient manner or identify repeat offenders in violation of animal codes.

Proper animal control procedures give citizens the opportunity to report issues on their own and gain a clear line of communication with the city regarding the progress of their case. In addition, officers can schedule follow-up visits, access information about current and previous cases, print daily reports and keep track of animal information – all from a mobile device. The technology used in the field should also integrate with code enforcement and/or CRM software used by the department.

With this type of automation, supervisors or other staff can track officers while they’re out on assignment, maintain documents for court and produce reports with very little effort. If your officers are still using manual processes, you need animal control software that will keep your animal issues manageable and your officers working efficiently and effectively in the field.


Animal Control is important to ensure safety throughout a community. As much as citizens love their animals, there are others who fail to take responsibility for their four-legged friends or allow a pet to reproduce without control. At the same time, well-loved pets may go untethered on the street, causing panic among families when an unknown dog approaches a child (or an adult) and creates a dangerous situation.

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When animals roam free, citizens get upset. When officers are trying to process found pets, manual, paper-based approaches can inhibit productivity and efficiency. Comcate’s animal control software is designed to bring new efficiency to busy municipal departments. Deployment and integration are simple and the transparency created streamlines operations. If your department is looking for ways to save money and improve productivity, find out what else this solution can do.

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When the city of Duarte, CA sought to improve the efficiency in their offices, they took a step back and recognized the manual paper processes involved in their animal control and code enforcement activities were not ideal. Not only were these processes inefficient, they also lacked consistency as each officer had his or her own way of doing things.

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  • Duarte, CA sees 50% caseload jump with reduced staff

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“Officers can spend their time in the field more because cases are organized and manageable. Being able to upload pictures, correction notices and citations to a case so that it all appears in one place is great for us and a huge improvement upon keeping case information in multiple files and folders.”

– Ken Lowery, Business Licenses Supervisor, City of Henderson

”Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager software has significantly increased our organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and productivity”

– Brad Young, Code Enforcement Supervisor, St. George, UT


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