• Posted On: February 02, 2021

At the center of every successful company is the service team that makes it up, which is why we want you to get to know the people who can help take your agency operations to the next level.

Kolten Keeney has been a member of the Comcate team since 2018 and has excelled in his role as the Customer Success Manager. He guides our clients through the onboarding and the implementation of solutions.  He also works closely with existing customers by providing support as well as working with them to expand programs with Comcate products.

During his time with Comcate, Kolten has overseen the onboarding of over 100 agencies onto various solutions which has helped him discover his favorite part of his job – solving complex problems to increase the quality of life of agency staff and citizens all across the country.

One such example is the City of East Chicago.  They came to Comcate to implement a new Code Enforcement and Work Order Management system in 2019 on a short timeline. The team successfully configured, trained, and launched a solution tailored to meet the needs of the East Chicago Building Department in just 10 days. The City of East Chicago continues to use Comcate more than a year later as one of Comcate’s most successful customers and have since expanded their use of Comcate to cover other departments and program areas such as engineering and health.

 Want to see how Kolten and the rest of the Comcate team can help your agency? Contact us.

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