• Posted On: November 03, 2020

For over 20 years Comcate has been providing government agencies with cloud based solutions to help them improve efficiency and simplify operations. In order to help our clients achieve these objectives we’re always looking for ways to deliver our clients more secure and stable solutions. Most recently we’ve made changes to the following:

  • Move to AWS GovCloud: Modern security and infrastructure requires world class standards and this move helps address US Government requirements with regard to data security and staying in compliance with federal mandates.
  • CIMS Integration Platform: Integration between applications is a modern standard and frequently requested by agencies.  Comcate’s modern integration platform, which leverages API WebService methods, allows us to deliver integrations quickly and easily. We are committed to supporting applications that increase automation to reduce the need for staff and customers to take manual action.
  • Automated Testing Improves Quality of Releases: Users at agencies are able to configure workflow enhancements so specific needs are met through expanded configurations. Configurations allow agencies to meet their standard operating procedures like scheduling follow up inspections and generating notices.

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