• Posted On: October 20, 2020

Like many organizations, agencies are tasked with doing more work, with less resources, in less time. Leaders are increasingly relying on easy to use technology to increase department efficiency and employee productivity, while still fostering a community that is clean and safe for all who call themselves a member.

Comcate offers two solutions agencies can utilize to meet these challenges:

  • Code Manager provides your team with easy access and tracking of case details, property history as well as all around program expertise (Animal Control, Graffiti Abatement, Abandon Vehicle Management, etc.) Code enforcement officers can easily create cases and issue notices while uploading photos directly from the field.
  • Citizen Engagement (311/CRM) gives agencies the ability to capture, route and manage all forms of communication requests, both internal and external.  No matter how requests come in, staff can easily track, follow up and address each request in a timely manner.

“Implementing Code Manager and Citizen Engagement has allowed departments to manage their teams and tasks more efficiently making follow up much easier.”

Chuck Jenkins, Code Compliance Department, City of Rushville, Indiana

Learn more about how Comcate can help your department increase efficiency and productivity with Code Manager and Citizen Engagement.

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