• Posted On: October 11, 2016

Keep Your Community Safe With the Right Code Enforcement Technology

Over the past century, fire-related disasters have devastated communities. From the Iroquois Theater fire in 1903 that killed 602 people due to overcrowding, locked exits, and inward opening doors, to the Station Nightclub fire that killed 100 people in 2003 – a fire blamed on overcrowding and pyrotechnics – to more recent tragedies, a better code enforcement can help lower the loss of life in situations such as these. Thanks to improved technology, more municipalities are improving their code enforcement workflow, preventing disasters before they have a chance to happen.

America leads the industrial world in fire-related deaths. In fact, if you account for all the losses related to hurricanes, floods, tornados and earthquakes, together they are only a fraction of what is lost to fire. Code enforcement is considered the most critical element in preventing these losses.

Code enforcement is an accountability tool that helps to make sure an organization complies with regulations that are made to make people safe. Code enforcement guidelines and inspections differ per municipality with some having a dedicated team of inspectors while others rely on fire protection specialists to carry out inspections. Regardless, if these teams are equipped with old tools and processes to carry out their daily workflow, they’re not going to be able to protect as many people as might otherwise be possible.

What your code enforcement workers require today is an easy-to-use, but technologically advanced system that allows them to do their jobs faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Mobile capabilities must certainly be a part of this solution.
Comcate’s Fire & Safety Manager offers the advantages that keep your professionals in the field longer, which means they’re carrying out inspections rather than running back to the office to fill out labor-intensive paperwork that is often duplicated by someone else down the line.

Comcate’s Fire & Safety Manager puts the power of mobility in the users’ hands. A GPS-enabled tablet harnesses the power of GIS integration, allowing inspectors to access records, upload photographs, print reports, citations, etc. One of the biggest perks to utilizing the tablet is that all records are uploaded immediately to the department’s system, which means there is more accountability.

Inspectors can easily log case details and schedule follow-ups so nothing is ever left behind. They can even enter permit fees and track those that are past due. Furthermore, the fire inspection checklist keeps the inspectors in the know while they’re on site.

Comcate’s technology is built by people who are familiar with the red tape that exists in bureaucracies, and our technology fights against it. Contact us today and let’s discuss the needs of your code enforcement department and the needs of your community.

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