• Posted On: October 27, 2015

Code Enforcement Suite Plus GIS Tool Benefits Communication With All Concerned

As a city manager you must balance many demands, sometimes competing ones. For instance, you need to be responsive to residents’ complaints about abandoned, unsafe or unsightly properties. At the same time, you must give property owners time to be notified and remedy problems before being handed stiff fines or summoned into court. On top of all of this, you need to demonstrate that you are serving the public in a timely and cost-efficient manner. A code enforcement suite can help you achieve some of these goals and when you add GIS, you tag all the bases.

What is GIS?

GIS or geographic information systems is a tool that provides real-time geographic data. As part of your code enforcement suite, GIS can immediately post violation notifications online and provide user maps of precise violation locations. Your efforts to tidy up certain areas of town or engage with absent landlords can be augmented by using a GIS tool.

Improving Visibility

When it comes to governing well, transparency is the current watchword. With GIS you can provide public access to property information by address or by owner. Properties that have active code violations are highlighted. This means that city residents can see exactly where code enforcement agents have been (and when) and have assurance that steps have been taken to notify property owners and hold them responsible. Site visitors can get information on the exact code violation and day on which the violation was noted.

Your GIS tool is also helpful to property owners. Landlords can elect to have both themselves and their tenants receive digital notification. Property owners can gain more immediate communication and a longer lead time to bring noted problems back into code thereby avoiding costly fines or steep court fees.

Improving Communication

The idea behind giving public access to current code violations isn’t just about creating public pressure to address issues. It’s also about improving communication between government and the public. It’s about letting those you serve see exactly how and where you are working to meet their needs – both property owners and residents. This helps you govern more effectively, more efficiently and with greater support from those you serve and who, ultimately, provide your budget dollars.

At Comcate we work every day to find new ways to help those who lead do a better job. We create solutions to the problems of competing demands and budgetary constraints. We design tools that help you do your job smarter and better and for less money. Talk to us about our code enforcement suite and our GIS companion tool. Start improving your visibility and public communication today.

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