• Posted On: October 24, 2014

What is art to some is an eyesore to others. Since art is largely a matter of taste, it’s easy to see how public art installations can inspire a wealth of controversy within communities. However, most can agree that canvas that some spray paint “artists” use is highly inappropriate. We’re talking about graffiti that finds its way onto the walls of buildings that are not intended to be painted or tagged, and it’s a problem that touches just about every community at one point or another.

In its appropriate place, graffiti artists can create intricate murals that are quite pleasing to the eye. However, residents in North Las Vegas have grown weary of the graffiti artists in neighborhoods throughout the community. Others closely involved in the message graffiti artists try to convey are asking city leaders to set aside areas where artists can display their art and their message.

Residents of the North Las Vegas communities have put together cleanup crews to take down graffiti as soon as it is recognized. They are asking others in the community to come together and help them end the seemingly endless supply of graffiti going up on walls throughout the area.

Not every community has this kind of volunteer workforce inspired to battle the blight. In most communities, it’s up to city code enforcement officers to get out into the field, find the graffiti, file the report and eventually have city workers come out and tackle the issue. Most graffiti solutions advocate task forces similar to what is being formed in Las Vegas. However, when a city code enforcement department is equipped with the right software, clean up can be much more efficient. Furthermore, when similar technology is placed in the hands of the community, they can become the eyes and ears of the department, report activity the minute it happens and help bring down vandals while they’re in action.

A majority of households have at least one member with a smartphone or tablet computer, which can be equipped with an app that allows them to file a report with the city. The report goes immediately to the appropriate department, which means if a piece of graffiti is found, the report can go straight to code enforcement officers who will respond.

Comcate has developed an app that uses GIS integration to lead code enforcement officers directly to the graffiti. Residents can use this app to report much more than just graffiti – they can open a case on a suspected unsafe structure, weed issue, abandoned automobile and any other issue that city departments are tasked with throughout a normal workday. The thing that community members really appreciate, besides having their issues resolved more quickly, is the communication aspect of the technology. City workers can inform residents about the progress of their case as it’s being handled.

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