• Posted On: August 08, 2014

When a citizen in your community is on the receiving end of a building code violation, they are probably not the biggest fan of the process that code enforcement officers partake in on a daily basis. However, without these men and women going through their inspection checklist to ensure that everything is up to code, your community would be much less safe.

Code enforcement duties include inspecting homes, apartments and businesses of all shapes and sizes. The people you have responsible for code enforcement are keeping the citizens of your community safe as they go to the movies and shop for clothes or groceries. They make sure the homes they live in are up to code and safe from collapse or fire due to improper construction or remodeling.

Not everybody knows how to safely remodel a structure or to build it from the ground up, but that doesn’t stop them. You know that to make sure the project is going safely, code enforcement officers are needed to look at the building code throughout the project in each of its stages/phases. The building code is a law that becomes the standard for construction. It’s extremely important that the people you have in charge of the inspection know the code and what to look for in their inspection. Wiring, heating and cooling, roof construction, windows, floors, doors and plumbing guidelines are all listed in the codebook.

You know your code enforcement officers can’t be everywhere at once and their jobs are often quite time consuming, which means it’s not uncommon for cases to become backed up. Furthermore, residents often call in possible building code violations, which must be followed up on by your code enforcement officers in a timely manner. When municipalities use manual processes and write out their notes on paper, which have to be entered into the system later, the cases are not efficiently handled.

Your citizens may get upset about the lack of productivity, especially those who are waiting for the city to sign off on their latest investment, whether it’s a rental property or a new business property. However, when your municipality utilizes technology, you can leave the paper process behind and take on more automated solutions that speed up the process and make everybody happier.

Residents within your community can also benefit by taking on a mobile app that allows for smoother communication with the city. For instance, with the right mobile app, they can make reports quickly and easily that give the city a better idea of what’s going on in the community. Code enforcement officers can respond to the citizens who file reports and update them on the progress.

Comcate is a company that believes government should run more efficiently. We also believe that your citizens play a valuable role in the vitality of the community. When both sides are provided with Comcate solutions, your city can more effectively do its job, making citizens safer and happier. Communication is often the missing component that promotes a divide between city leadership and citizens. Comcate actively works to erase that divide and promote proactive interaction.

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