• Posted On: July 10, 2014

Code enforcement involves many departments, from animal control to permits to inspections to emergency management. Because of the diverse range of areas you must track in the management of city department tasks, you need a code enforcement solution to help organize the large number of items your city officials oversee. The community can also benefit from these solutions that keep them up to date on cases that they’ve reported or taken great interest in, including the area of code enforcement in building permits.

The daily operation of your city hinges a great deal on the effectiveness of the code enforcement capabilities it possesses. In order to enhance the quality of life within your community, code enforcers are on the lookout for healthy living conditions and safe facilities. However, when budgets are tight, the resources, which include officers for code enforcement, run low and your city will begin to show the wear. However, with the right building permit software and enforcement software, this doesn’t have to happen.

An unfortunate side effect of the recent financial meltdown that affected nearly every community in the nation was the increased number of foreclosed homes. With more vacant properties spread throughout the community, municipalities, like yours, are stretched to their limits. What makes matters worse is that many are using Excel spreadsheets as their most recent and highest tech solution to manage the situation.

The role of your code enforcement officers is a very challenging and intricate one. They do their best work while they’re in the field, but due to the reporting systems they use, they spend a great deal of time in the office pushing paper. What they really need is a mostly paperless system that allows them to make reports and schedule follow-ups while in the field. Without the constant reporting back to city hall or a satellite office to handle their paperwork, your officers can spend more time doing what they do best – knocking out cases and keeping the city safe and sound.

Not every one of your citizens is going to value code enforcement, but for the ones who file reports and expect the city to jump to action, they enjoy seeing the progress happen efficiently and effectively. However, most cities don’t have the technology or building permit software set up to create a community portal that offers the insights into progress being made, case-by-case.

Comcate is a company that has embraced the issues that municipalities face and has designed software to fit those needs. The code enforcement software we built has been nationally recognized due to its ability to keep officers in the field, managing cases, scheduling follow-ups, updating citizens on cases and printing daily field reports. Our building permit software allows officers to create cases, issue notices and pull up details about property history – all from the field.

Many clients actually refer to Comcate’s solution as their “personal assistant.” The solutions we offer will save you time and money, so contact us today and get started with some new technology that will keep your city up to code.

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