Warner RobinsThe City of Warner Robins, Georgia was facing a technology challenge in their permitting and inspections department, working with an older system that was causing problems. The City had been successfully using the Comcate code enforcement solution since February of 2014 and recognized the advantages they were experiencing in that area. To expand on this success and update their older technology, the city recently expanded their relationship with Comcate to include its permitting and inspections software.
“Because we recently purchased the system, we’ve been completing test cases and working on fully implementing the new management software,” said Shawn Cooper, Administrative Assistant, Code Enforcement / Building Inspections, City of Warner Robins. “In utilizing the solution, I’ve noticed that employees can work directly in the field, decreasing the time they need to go to the office gathering information for paperwork on inspections.”
With more time allowed in the field, workers can focus on meeting the expectations of City of Warner Robins citizens. While this implementation is still new and has changed the way the department is completing the permitting and inspections processes, Cooper anticipates additional benefits due to easy maneuverability and a user-friendly product that allows more time spent in the field.
“Not only are the Comcate solutions easy to implement and use, the company has been great to work with. As a result, I would recommend Comcate’s code enforcement and permitting and inspections solutions.”

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