Every day Comcate works with communities like yours to help them achieve goals of becoming more efficient and improving citizen satisfaction. You may be wondering what specific changes you could experience by implementing Comcate’s tools into your local agencies.
Almost any code enforcement manager could relate to the difficulties facing the City of Lake Elsinore, California. Before partnering with Comcate, Lake Elsinore was using an antiquated software system that did not allow for the proper documentation of cases. In addition, they were keeping photographs of violations filed separately from the case notes. Data management was also cumbersome, with no way to run reports, track trends in code violations or measure the productivity of code enforcement officers.
Lake Elsinore began using Comcate’s Code Enforcement Suite to manage issues such as abandoned vehicles and blighted areas. Officers quickly saw improvements in case management and volume. The increased efficiency allows officers to be proactive in how they address violations. They have also noted an increased level of compliance in blighted areas.
Code enforcement officers no longer experience bottlenecks in their case management process, allowing them to complete cases. The officers are also able to handle their assigned areas with improved efficiency.
Lake Elsinore officials are enjoying better ability to plan for the future, due to custom reports that identify trends in code enforcement. The improvements allow all of the officers to focus efforts in the areas that need it most.
One area in particular that allowed Lake Elsinore to maximize their resources through the use of Comcate is abandoned vehicles. A complicated process that required a high level of documentation was demanding much of the officers’ time and the city’s resources.
Through the use of Comcate’s abandoned vehicles solution in the Code Enforcement Suite, Lake Elsinore is able to track all abandoned vehicles and quickly resolve cases. It has saved the agency time and resources and allows officers to focus on other priorities.
Frederich S. Lopez, Code Enforcement Supervisor for Lake Elsinore says that the experience with Comcate has been “outstanding” and that they have “experienced no deficiencies in the product or service.” Lopez says that he would highly recommend Comcate to other communities wanting to make similar improvements.
Give Comcate a call to see how we can partner with your community. We can help you identify areas in which improved efficiency and citizen engagement can most benefit your residents and make your community an even better place to live and work.

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