Public agencies tend to be under intense pressure to meet legislative guidelines, stay within tight budgets and drive efficiency across all channels. When trying to serve the requests of the public, balancing all three is a constant challenge. In Cape Coral, Florida, that balance was achieved in the City Clerk’s office with Comcate’s Public Records Manager and the city was able to turn saved time into new revenue.
As a city still in the development stage, Cape Coral employees spend a considerable amount of time answering calls and responding to citizen requests ranging from elevation information to building permits. In fact, building documents represented 80 percent of the municipality’s business. As property consistently changed hands, owners and prospective buyers called from around the world and the city lacked the software or the capacity to efficiently manage the requests for information.
At the same time, employees were unable to spend the needed time on other activities, such as scanning paper documents into their database. With a steady increase in requests and peak seasons flooding the department with activity, Cape Coral needed a better way to manage requests. Comcate provided a cloud-based solution through its Public Records Manager that not only saved the city time and money, but also allowed for the creation of new opportunities.
“We’ve seen a 43 percent decrease in data input just by enabling customers to create their own accounts,” said Scott Craig, Business Systems Analyst for Cape Coral. “This allowed us to take on more responsibilities to create revenue. We’re now processing passports for all of our citizens, which enabled us to generate $100,000 in revenue each year. This is significant and the timing of the Comcate implementation was just perfect as it enabled us to go after that opportunity when it became available.”
Citizens took to the online option easily and Cape Coral saw efficiency improvements almost immediately. Craig anticipates continued increases in the number of requests coming into the City Clerk’s office and believes they will continue to see smooth operations thanks to the Public Records Manager.


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