Duarte, CA Sees 50% Caseload Jump Despite Reduced Staff

When the city of Duarte, CA sought to improve the efficiency in their offices, they took a step back and recognized the manual paper processes involved in their animal control and code enforcement activities were not ideal. Not only were these processes inefficient, they also lacked consistency as each officer had his or her own way of doing things.Duarte_CA_seal

Moving from a handwritten to a tablet-based approach to animal control can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Comcate simplified the process. The first step included mapping out standard workflow processes to identify areas for efficiency improvements. Next, officers were given tablets to use in the field with access to the Comcate platform. At launch, leadership gathered feedback from users to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for process and workflow improvement.

“We give Comcate a lot of credit for an easy transition process,” said Larry Breceda, Public Safety Manager with Duarte. “We’re still in the process of transitioning, but have already seen significant improvements. Officers were able to pick up animal control and code enforcement with no problems. Feedback from officers helped to decide what they liked and what worked best.”

Implementation for Duarte has been so successful that the city has seen a 50 percent increase in caseload while also reducing staff. The Comcate solution has enabled the city to streamline their processes; the tracking of field actions now provides transparency on officer activity; and conflicts have been reduced as management already knows when an officer has taken care of an issue.

The changes for Duarte have made such an impact that Breceda can’t say enough good things about Comcate. “I would highly recommend Comcate, especially for those with no database or an older database system,” he shared. As the transition continues in Duarte, Comcate is committed to driving even better outcomes for all involved.

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