• Posted On: December 30, 2014

Your municipal agency has a lot of cases to keep up with, and you likely have a limited budget for tracking these detailed complaints and violations. For many local governments, case management eats up a lot of time and resources, but city code software may be a solution that can ease your constant backlog of cases.

There are many reasons that you should consider implementing a city code software program to manage your cases:

Inspectors Stay Out in the Field, Not Behind a Desk
You have hired highly trained inspectors that can go out to locations to determine whether they are safe. You don’t want their time spent behind a desk, shuffling around updates and notes. Most city code software now has mobile technology, meaning your inspectors can stay out in the field.

Paper Gets the Boot
Case management in a city agency takes up a lot of paper and a lot of filing space. When you consider the savings you could realize by implementing a city code software solution, you will find that the investment is soon repaid.

The Agency Saves on Personnel Costs
In the City of Anniston, Alabama, the city is boosting its appeal by hiring new code enforcement officers. Their focus is city nuisances, like abandoned cars and illegal signs, and these initiatives will make their community a nicer place to live. With city code software, the City of Anniston can be sure that their code enforcement officers are able to efficiently track cases and update all appropriate personnel. They will need fewer administrative support staff members if they are able to use a city code software to support their processes.

It Promotes Citizen Engagement
Many software options are available with a mobile app that can be used as a way for your citizens to report instances of graffiti and other violations. After they report the situation, they can receive updates as the case is processed. Your department benefits from hearing about cases in a timely manner and your citizens feel heard.

Bottlenecks are Eliminated
There are many ways that city code software can eliminate bottlenecks, from doing away with paper files to the automatic reminders that can prompt the next step in a case. When you resolve city code cases quickly, citizens are pleased as well as safe and the community becomes a more desirable place to live.

When you are ready to implement efficiency and promote citizen engagement, give Comcate a call. We offer a variety of solutions for city code software systems, from our Code Enforcement Suite to Animal Control and Graffiti Abatement, we offer a variety of specific software tools that can help you build a better community.

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