• Posted On: October 03, 2014

The communities that thrive are ones focusing on integrity, values and preservation. Furthermore, communities that can steer clear of nuisance issues and safety hazards are better able to achieve their goals. Code enforcement is a vital part of this process.

Unfortunately, there are obstacles that come into play that can make goals seemingly unobtainable. For instance, following the recession, many communities were plagued with foreclosed properties that remain vacant today. While the recovery is underway, vacant properties pose a variety of problems, including weeds on the grounds, pest infestations within the structures, criminal activity and fire risks due to illegal habitation among other issues.

Code enforcement departments carry the brunt of the load when it comes to handling these issues. With city budgets already strained, putting more feet on the ground is not an option. Therefore, your code enforcement officers are doing what they can to appease the community. Unfortunately, due to the antiquated technology or no modern technology at all, they are at a disadvantage.

Without a suitable city code software solution, your code enforcement officers constantly work in a reactive mode – they are never ahead of the issues. They simply respond to complaints and never seem to catch up. This adds to frustration within the community, especially given the fact that there is no open avenue for communication between your code enforcement department and the community.

Instead of waiting for a neighborhood to fall into disrepair before any action is taken, the right city code software can give you an upper hand – you can get to the issue in a proactive way instead of being totally reactive. This software unleashes local property information in a very accessible manner, which creates efficiencies and opens up visibility to a situation that poses a threat to the integrity of your neighborhoods.

The benefit is that local property values won’t be affected, which not only pleases current residents, but attracts buyers looking for clean and safe neighborhoods to call home.

Another attribute code enforcement departments see when they are paired with the right technology solutions is an army of contributors – the community members themselves. For instance, by offering your residents a mobile app that allows them to file reports directly to the code enforcement department, they suddenly become proactive contributors to more vibrant neighborhoods. Instead of making a phone call that requires a city staffer to write down the information and pass it on to someone else for it to eventually make its way into the work queue, the reports are automatically uploaded to the appropriate officers.

The right solutions will include a component that automatically notifies the person who made the initial report of any updates on the case. While some government offices consider this a waste of time, departments that have the best interest of the community at heart know communication is a priority in keeping residents happy.

The founders of Comcate have experience working for municipalities, which means they are familiar with red tape and bureaucratic speed bumps that not only cost cities and counties money, but lead to low satisfaction levels within the community. Therefore, we’ve created solutions that bring efficiencies to code enforcement departments, higher satisfaction scores from residents and safer neighborhoods. For more information, visit our website or give us a call today.

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