• Posted On: August 25, 2015

States Can Reach More People for Less Cost Through Citizen Mobile Access

According to Pew Research in 2014 around 58 percent of Americans owned a smartphone. Another 42 percent owned a tablet. This is how nearly 75 percent of Americans communicate – with a mobile device. Citizen mobile access is the way many states are connecting information and services to their residents. If you have not moved in this direction you are missing out on vital citizen engagement with the residents of your community.

Beginning the Move to Mobile

Many states are moving towards mobile in specific areas of city works like fishing licenses, hunting licenses and driver’s license renewals, making these available through a smartphone app. People today shop for consumer goods and information on their cell phone. The business world knows this is where customers are and has changed tactics. As local governments have begun to see this trend they also have made steps in this direction.

Citizen Engagement

But citizen mobile access is not only about dispensing information and collecting revenue. It’s just as much about citizen engagement. If a business is looking for online interaction, communities are too. With citizen mobile access residents can interact with leaders and with one another in ways that benefit everyone.

In drought-stricken California, for example, citizen apps can be used to report water waste. In other locales, citizens can go online and let others know how long they’ll have to wait at the local DMV. Citizens can report graffiti, share local fishing conditions or send in reports about abandoned properties. Arkansas is using citizen mobile access to make it easier for students to apply for college financial aid.

At the end of the day, government would not be making these changes if they were not cost effective. In actuality what is good for citizens is actually good for the budget. A more paperless government is a more cost-effective government. Not only that, but giving citizens a way to connect directly with the information, services and action they need from government makes for a better relationship. Citizen mobile access is a win-win.

If you’re wondering how you can put mobile applications to work for your city, town or state entity, contact us at Comcate. Government software that builds citizen engagement is our specialty. We understand your needs and we know how to help. Visit our website and read how we’ve helped states and municipalities from coast to coast improve what they do.

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