• Posted On: May 12, 2015

Staying Connected to the Public With Citizen Mobile Access

Whether citizens today are wanting to shop for shoes, buy movie tickets, communicate with friends or check the latest news story most people are doing these things on a mobile device – usually their phone. Businesses understand the need to be available to folks on-the-go and now government also is beginning to understand the importance of being mobile-friendly. Making citizen mobile access available is imperative for governments who care about staying connected to the public they serve.

States Who are Making Changes

Being mobile-friendly requires reconfiguring web pages so that they will appear in the proper format on a small screen. It means developing apps so that mobile users can access information and services. Citizen mobile access apps have made looking up government information easier in several states already. When Georgia learned that half of those seeking information on child support services were doing so via their smartphones, the state decided to focus on becoming more mobile friendly. The state developed mobile apps for things of public interest such as healthcare programs, sportsman licenses, emergency preparedness and criminal registries.

In Arkansas the state learned that more citizens depend on smartphones than have landlines. Citizen mobile access needed to become a priority if the state was to remain accessible to constituents. Texas does everything large including their mobile access rollout. The new state website makes over 1,000 government services available through mobile connection.

Time for Cities to Get on Board

The mobile technology watershed is trickling down to the local level as well. Cities, too, are working to offer mobile access to residents. Whether to comment on public meetings or report issues of public concern, involvement is becoming possible with a mobile device. Not everyone is wireless, of course, so governments are still using other modes of communication. Citizens still use landlines, desktop computers and other devices to connect with their local government. Communities that have multiple options for their citizens to stay connected see the best outcomes for citizen involvement.

If you are responsible for local government, it’s time to get mobile. If you don’t, you’ll be left behind. At Comcate we offer software solutions to the issues you deal with on a daily basis. We have tools for improving building code enforcement, inspections, licensing and more. Our citizen engagement apps allow residents to report issues of concern directly to those responsible and for you to provide a quick and efficient response. This is the way your residents interact with everything else in life. Shouldn’t you be adapting?

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