• Posted On: June 02, 2015

The Importance of Adapting to User Requirements and Boosting Citizen Mobile Access

The U.S. government tracks citizen satisfaction with online experiences on all of their websites. According to the 2013 Satisfaction Index, citizens gave the federal government 75 out of a possible 100 points. The government score (based on 30,000 surveys) remained unchanged from 2009-2013. Citizen mobile access strategies are currently in the works in numerous departments in an attempt to improve this satisfaction score.

The government satisfaction survey found that over half of all visitors used a mobile device to go online. Mobile devices are used to access everything from restaurant reviews to driving directions and from ordering concert tickets to paying for school lunches. Mobile devices are used for more than a third of all visits to government websites. Many who reported not contacting a government site via mobile device in the past, said that they either planned to (15 percent) or were likely to (39 percent) in the future. This information is valuable for cities as it highlights the importance of citizen mobile access.

Does your municipality want to be perceived as adaptable and current, and open to citizen engagement? Staying readily available to citizens in the way they enjoy making connection gets things off on a good footing. But it is also a first step toward building positive rapport and cooperation. Because, honestly, this is about more than the public relations value of introducing citizen mobile access. It’s about wanting to actually accomplish department goals.

If you are involved at any level of community leadership, you know how important it is to remain connected and engaged with the citizens. You also know how tough it can be to make those connections happen. If citizens can access information, pay fines, or report problems and concerns with ease and without having to make a special trip home or to the office – these interactions are so much more apt to occur.

At Comcate we understand the challenges you face and we realize how vital it is that you maintain a steady and positive connection to the public you serve. That’s why we’ve created software specifically designed to boost citizen engagement. With our mobile access software your public can quickly and easily report problems as they arise.
Whether it’s graffiti, rundown properties or unsafe conditions, citizens can use their mobile device to let you know. They can even send pictures. And with helpful GIS Integration, your departments can respond in a timely fashion. Citizen mobile access is not only a federal problem – it’s an issue where you live as well. Contact us and find out how we can help you adapt to a changing citizen environment.

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