• Posted On: September 30, 2014

Most people are reluctant to embrace change. When it comes to altering technology in the workplace, change can be the catalyst for major complaints. This is why people behind IT processes need to be very delicate and tactful when introducing a change to the system, as government workers know it.

Fortunately, when it comes to mobile devices, change is occurring so often that people have become accustom to trying different things, mostly in the form of new apps. For government workers who interact with citizens on a daily basis, having a citizen mobile access app can be a game changer. Look no further than to an example set forth by the code enforcement software used by code inspectors in Independence, MO.

The department adopted a mobile app that used GPS capabilities and the smartphone’s camera to help them do their jobs more efficiently. In fact, they were able to save around 1,500 hours of labor.

Unlike many communities that are still using manual processes to manage their code enforcement workflow, Independence had already installed automated processes, but when they were working with pictures associated with various code enforcement issues, they had to manually process them. Once they introduced an automated process to help manage the pictures, they were able to increase the number of inspections they could do by upwards of 20 percent per year.

Many city governments are strapped for cash. They are actually cutting services to try and balance their yearly operating budget, so the thought of making an investment on technology is seemingly way out of reach. However, as Independence proved, making that investment can save money. If each man-hour were worth $20, Independence would be saving $300,000 by integrating their automated process.

Furthermore, bringing a citizen mobile access app to the community makes them part of the solution. The problem code enforcement officers have includes identifying properties that could pose a danger to the general public. When the community reaches out, in an efficient manner, to reveal these properties, it becomes a bonus to the code enforcement staff and to the community.

There is also a communication component to think about. Residents like to stay informed on how their concerns are being processed. This is an issue with communities that are still relying on manual processes that don’t have a communication outlet for residents. With a citizen mobile access app, citizens can make their report to the city and automatically be in the loop for updates on the progress being made on the case.

Comcate clients have access to technology that not only offers them all the benefits that Independence saw in their integrated solution, they also get our solution for the community that keeps them informed every step of the way. Code enforcement issues don’t have to be a long and drawn out process that leaves residents frustrated. Comcate realizes that the community members can be a positive step in the process, and we’ll work with your code enforcement department to build a solution that brings efficiencies to the city and better service to the community members.

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