• Posted On: September 16, 2014

Many city and county governments pay employees for hundreds of hours every year processing paperwork, and it affects productivity as well as progress in the community. Whether it’s inspection violations, various forms of blight or improper fencing, city and county employees are tasked with running down their lengthy list of issues, all of which are likely accompanied by at least two or three pages of required paperwork.

A Backlog of Complaints
The city of China Grove provides an example that is probably much like what most communities experience – whenever a citizen wants to report an issue, they have to fill out a four page complaint form. It’s a complication that citizens don’t appreciate and it also affects the efficiency of city staff. China Grove’s city council struggles to address the multiple code violations, inspection violations, issues involving firearm use, dangerous structures, rat infestation and improper fencing. The city council members are looking for ways to get a better handle on these issues and discussed dropping the mandatory four-page complaint form.

A More Logical Solution
What communities like China Grove need is a citizen mobile access solution that takes the paper out of the paperwork. With so many people constantly connected to the Internet through their smartphones, it makes sense to apply a solution that utilizes technology. Why stick with inefficient paper processes when a faster, potentially cheaper and more efficient method is available?

Technology Saves the Day
Smartphone users are more inclined to spend their hours on the Internet through mobile apps than they are through a browser. Why not empower the community with a mobile app that takes the bite out of the paperwork in favor of a simple mobile solution that directs complaints quickly and easily to the appropriate department?

The right technology can allow users to take photos of the issues they’re reporting, tag it with GIS integration, add notes to the report and send it out to the appropriate party. There should be no need for actual paperwork, which only gets shuffled around from department to department until it finally lands on the right desk. This technology should also have the ability to allow city or county staff to update the citizen on the progress of their report. A well-informed community is one that will take more pride in their city and assist in working toward goals.

The Comcate Way
Comcate, a company that believes government can be more efficient, works with communities to provide more practical, sensible and efficient workflow. With the citizen mobile access app we’ve created, citizens are able to use their smartphones to communicate their issues with their local government. We work hand-in-hand with government officials to bring the solutions that almost completely wipe out paper work processes. Contact us today and find out how our solutions, including our citizen mobile access app, can put an end to the red tape.

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