• Posted On: May 19, 2015

Public Works Week is a Great Opportunity to Let Citizens See All You do for Them

The services provided through public works are essential, but are often hidden and therefore frequently taken for granted by the local population. As community leaders and local government officials it is good to draw public attention to the many vital services which go into making someplace a great place to live and work. The third week of May is set aside for this purpose.

Celebration of National Public Works Week has been taking place for more than four decades, yet many citizens remain largely unaware of how the public works department contributes daily to their quality of life. There are many ways to observe the week, but what matters most is offering the city or town where you live and serve an opportunity to appreciate how government and civil servants improve the standard of living for everyone.

If you are part of a local government body, consider any or all of the following ways to heighten awareness and appreciation.

1. Plan a parade to honor public works departments and workers.

2. Have departments host individual Open House events and invite the public to come and see what each does as well as how.

3. Organize media campaigns: local newsprint articles, local news show appearances, social media postings and public service advertising.

4. Park large public works equipment in a highly visible location then invite schools, preschools and local clubs to come take a closer look.

5. The American Public Works Association (APWA) commissions a painting eachyear to honor public works. This year’s painting by Christiane Beauregard converted to poster sold out well before this year’s event. However, it is possible to download the painting online and print off your own attractive posters. Put them around town to spread the word.

It’s important for citizens to see how agencies work in tandem to protect and provide necessary services. It’s helpful when people realize just how much goes into creating a solid community. In fact, the title theme for this year’s Public Works Week is Community Begins Here. The 2015 celebration dates are May 17-23.

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