• Posted On: August 29, 2014

For code enforcement (CE) officers, weeds represent a huge part of their workload in communities where abandoned properties are abundant. Weeds not only tear away at the infrastructure around them, they can also be excellent nesting areas for mosquitos.

The Star Press in Muncie, Ind., published an article recently about a resident who hosted a July 4 party at her home, the back yard of which borders a vacant lot with massive weed issues. Mosquitos migrated from the weeds to her guests that night, spoiling the outdoor fun. The resident called the city 15 times to come out and take care of the issue, but nothing was done. This is a situation where the municipality could have integrated code enforcement software to streamline the process and improve communication with the citizens.

Town leaders are often more aware of the budget situation than most residents and learn very quickly once in office how city workers struggle to keep up with the cases that pile up. As you begin searching for CE, affordable and easy solutions to help abate the issues you’re tasked with handling, you may struggle to come up with a solution. Instead of implementing a workable strategy, you end up going back to the usual, manual work processes that are rooted in methods that don’t take technology into account.

For some communities, it just seems easier to stick with the status quo and field the community complaints as they come in. You know calls about weed abatement will flood you in the summer and snow removal calls will pile up in the winter. What you may not realize is there is a solution right around the corner that could be helping with the complaints from the community.

The search for CE, affordable and easy software, doesn’t have to be a lengthy search. There is a workable solution that many communities are using today through Comcate. Our company works with communities to build software that works for your situation. Code enforcement software is one of our solutions that can help communities like Muncie.

With Comcate’s CE, affordable and easy software helps communities use automated processes to get through cases in a more efficient manner. Instead of taking 15 calls over one incident, city workers can update the resident who files the report on the progress of the case. Because Comcate uses the latest technology that pushes aside the usual pen and paper reporting method, every case is on a fast track to a solution.

The cases are also handled faster because Comcate’s technology allows code enforcement officers to work in the field more than they ever have before. Using their handheld devices, officers can open cases, file reports, get information on any case and communicate with the community on the progress of a case.


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