• Posted On: August 19, 2020

Capturing historical code enforcement activities is valuable to allow officers to understand patterns with repeat violators and specific properties. This in turn allows the officers to take modified actions earlier, reducing the time and effort to abate to bring the issue into compliance. This results in an increased compliance and return to the agency.  

Maintaining a historical database allows for different users to access historical information when needed. There are several advantages to storing these activities.

  • Whether a user is an officer, city attorney, department head, or city manager, the historical enforcement information is available with a simple click of a mouse.
  • The city can gain strategic insights on city wide trends such as seasonal activities and geographic clustering of activity.
  • Officers can gain a historical view of specific violators and properties.
  • Accessing records can happen from anywhere versus having to be in a specific location to look up historical information.

In this remote environment due to COVID-19, easy accessibility is particularly useful. Whether accessing from city hall, the field, or home, all users are able to access the same data.

Learn more about how Comcate can help you with both moving to a software for code enforcement and also how to connect to those additional databases to minimize staff from going into the office to look up information.

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