• Posted On: February 03, 2015

Real estate values plummeted and construction projects ground to a halt during the recession. The dream of owning a bigger home or expanding a business location was moved off the priority list for many Americans. In some cases, the realization that taking on more debt might be unwise in such an environment caused many to wonder if they should be saving instead of expanding.

In 2015, real estate values are recovering and investing in property is becoming a possibility again for businesses and individuals. As a result, many communities are being flooded with permit applications.

In Chicago, there has been a 46 percent increase in the number of new construction and renovation permits in the past two years. City officials see it as a promising sign that the economy is recovering, and both residential and commercial markets are seeing significant growth. However, with significant increases in permits, there is also a potential for significant backlog.

When experiencing major growth in construction in your city, it may be time to consider implementing building permit software. With the right tools, a significant increase in construction permits will not create a backlog or delays for residents and contractors.

The right software can provide several benefits to your community:

You can eliminate paper trails. With the right software, each case will be managed fully within the program. Automatic updates and scheduled follow-ups will ensure that paper filing systems can be phased out of your office. Your resources can be spent on activities that move permits through the system efficiently, instead of time-consuming note-taking, filing and application paperwork.

Contractors and other applicants can submit permit requests online. With mobile capability available in current building permit software options, contractors can use a mobile device to apply for a permit right from the construction site. User-friendly processes mean that your community will be a desirable destination for new businesses and new homes. The ability to check the status of a permit will create efficiencies for your department and for the contractors and residents that are applying.

The increase in construction no longer means a backlog for your department. When you have a software that creates efficiencies in all steps of the process, you no longer experience backlog when construction ramps up. You will appreciate the streamlined process that allows applicants to register their permit request online and schedules automatic updates for your staff. Permit applications will move through the system without getting bogged down by a cumbersome process.

The increase in Chicago is a sign of what is happening in much of the country. Individuals and businesses are becoming more financially stable, and the real estate market is stabilizing. With the right building permit software, the increase in construction and renovation projects can be great news, even for a permit office experiencing significant increases in applications.

Comcate offers a variety of solutions for communities looking for ways to streamline processes and eliminate paper trails. With our software, you can revolutionize the permit application process in your city and encourage the growth of new construction. Give us a call today to find out more about the tools we provide.

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