• Posted On: June 09, 2015

Why You Should be Investing in the Best Solution to Improve Building Inspections

If you live in an area vulnerable to hurricanes you know that the devastation to lives and property can also devastate a state budget. Experts suggest that hurricane Katrina may have cost the economy up to $100 million. But even if you don’t live in hurricane territory, protecting the lives, property and economic stability of your region from the forces of nature is a weighty responsibility. Regular building inspections are your greatest ally in this effort.

To be effective building inspections are dependent on a few things. First of all, your written building codes need to be up-to-date and reflective of the latest science. Outdated codes cannot offer you maximum protection in the face of disaster. Codes have been improving building safety for more than a century in this country. Along the way much has been learned about building safety and only current codes can provide you with the benefit of experience and research.

Building codes will add some cost during construction, however, the increase is typically around five percent – not much in comparison to the value of safety. Proper codes and mandated building inspections will improve safety for the structure, people in the structure and nearby structures. In fact, studies have shown that even vacant land values are enhanced in areas where regulatory standards are maintained via building inspections.

After being kept current, your codes are only as strong as your enforcement. This means that you need to be on top of inspections before, during and post construction. Local government gets pulled in many directions and fiscal challenges can threaten commitment to healthy building code enforcement. However, one hurricane, tornado, earthquake or flood will make evident the vital importance of staying the course when it comes to building safety measures.

Just because your city or town doesn’t have the budget to hire more building inspectors doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice safety. It’s possible to help the code enforcement agents that you have to work more efficiently. At Comcate, we have a background in community leadership. We understand the challenges as well as the importance of strong building code enforcement. We’ve used our own governing experience to help design building code software that will improve your building inspections without eating up more of an already strained city budget.

Our building code software offers features that will improve inspection scheduling, allow inspectors to file reports from the field rather than having to return to the office, store photographs and make it the matter of a moment to issue warnings and other notifications. You need to do your part to stay informed about building code updates. Let us do our part to help you enforce those codes more efficiently.

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