• Posted On: October 28, 2014

The inspection checklist property owners dread is long and full of roadblocks that can be intimidating. They aren’t set up to be a hassle, but to keep the people in and around the structure safe at all times. What most people don’t consider is that this checklist can also be confusing for the building inspection personnel, especially if they aren’t using software to guide them.

Some municipalities rely on third party inspectors to handle the work, but for those who have in-house staff, offering them a system through which they can easily access records requires the right software. The fairly common misconception about building inspection officers is that they fabricate problems to make it difficult for contractors to finish projects. While we can’t speak for every inspector out there, municipal building inspectors have no incentive to delay a project and have a hard enough time handling all their caseloads, let alone fabricate issues that will require them to revisit a property before they can close the case.

Not all inspectors are seeing the same issues the same way, which could be a result of unclear interpretation of established codes. With the proper building inspection software, inspectors can all read the codes the same way from the same platform. This offers more consistent workflow and can ease tensions between contractors and the city or county government that oversees the codes and inspections.

With the right code enforcement software, building inspectors can all follow the prescribed code for the city and the state quite easily. For instance, without the software to organize how codes are supposed to be followed, there will be inconsistencies within a single department. While contractors will complain about one community having different standards from the next, having the right software will allow you to prove to your contractors or property owner that you’re following every letter of the code and that it comes from a legitimate source.

Building inspectors are providing a customer service, a service that is important. Not all property owners feel like the inspectors have their best interests at heart, but all the inspectors are trying to do is make sure everything is being followed to code and that everyone will be safe in the structure. Not everyone will be happy about having to redo work or doing it in a manner that might be more expensive than they budgeted for, but with the right software behind you, you can plainly and clearly show the codes that must be followed.

Inspectors should have a handheld electronic device that allows them to see the checklists, make notes, open cases, close cases and communicate information back to the office. It’s with technology like this that keeps inspectors working smoothly in the field, spending less time in the office and more clearly communicating to property owners and contractors what is expected of them.

Comcate has developed the software that handles every issue addressed above. We deliver solutions that will improve your customer service and increase the efficiency of your staff, including your building inspectors who are often loaded down with cases. Just because our technology is cutting edge doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use – it’s customizable, easy to use and ready for you to implement today.

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