• Posted On: February 10, 2015

New or old, properties fall victim to circumstances that can affect the safety of the building. Building codes have been established to ensure better building practices but many times inefficient processes can lead to a backlog and code enforcement officers cannot keep up with demand. Fortunately, there is building code software available to give workers the information they need about structures and to help them through inspections of new construction or remodel work in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Safety codes and newer building materials are making communities safer today, but just about every community has its share of historic districts where materials built to the codes of the past remain abundant. Emergency and utility workers need to have information on these structures in the event of a disaster – natural or otherwise. Code enforcement officers also need building code software to help them in their inspection duties.

One of the safety issues city officials have to deal with in homes built before 1950 relates to the frames, which are often built with continuous lumber from the floor to the roofline. This type of construction is referred to now as “balloon framing.” The problem with it is that there is no fire block, which means once a flame gets going; there is nothing to prevent it from spreading rapidly.

While complaints are frequent regarding city codes, codes related to construction have evolved to make structures safer. Engineers have learned that balloon framing is not safe, and those lessons have found their way into building codes.

The advent of code enforcement software not only helps city workers effectively inspect new construction and remodeling projects, but it also helps provide information about structures in a moment’s notice.

Codes regarding plumbing to structural to electrical – every builder has a set of rules they must adhere to – rules that have evolved over time. Code enforcement officers have to police these projects, so to speak, and see to it that any discrepancy in the code is corrected. When code inspectors have a list they can pull up on their mobile device as they go through a structure, they can work faster and more efficiently – never missing a single step. If they spot something wrong, they can print a report for the builder/owner and schedule a follow up inspection using their mobile device.

This is the kind of technology that is helping communities stay safer while moving the building process along at a faster rate. This not only pleases the builders and the owners of the properties, it also impacts the economy of the city and/or county as they quickly move toward improvements.

Rather than be the roadblock that holds back progress, city workers are teaming with software providers to move projects along at a faster clip. The same software can be used by residents via a cloud-based app that gives them the power to make reports of their own regarding possible code violations.

Comcate has developed solutions that help the government and its citizens to work together to a make their communities safer. Communication is the key to our solutions. We build software that allows inspectors to work more effectively in the field, giving them access to not only the building code information they need to know while doing their inspections, but also access to property histories. Find out more about our solutions by contacting us today.

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