• Posted On: November 14, 2014

Building code issues are something that nearly every code enforcement department in cities across the nation are dealing with on a regular basis. Some communities are affected more than others, especially in areas where rental properties are abundant and landlords do a less than perfect job of keeping those properties in good shape.

College communities like the one in La Salle, IL, are no strangers to rental property issues, mostly because of the high rate of renters associated with the higher education institution there. Like many college towns, La Salle was forced to take measures to ensure the safety of residents. They began to require landlords to have a safety inspection every time a property changed tenants. Previously, an inspection only had to be carried out within 90 days of the issuance of a rental license.

Managing rental properties in a college town can be very lucrative to real estate investors/landlords. It also comes with its share of challenges as students can wreak havoc on the interiors of a property. Some students don’t pay rent on time, and they come and go at a very high rate. For communities that have established an inspection regulation for each and every time a student moves in and out, the process becomes cumbersome for the landlord and time consuming for the building code enforcement team that is tasked with performing all of the inspections.

The goal behind the regulation, despite its drawbacks, has a positive end in that young students living in these buildings are safer.

City building code officers that are using clipboards as they walk through their inspections are finding the influx of required inspections to be spreading them extremely thin. Inspectors using rental property software on mobile devices are much more apt to get through inspections quicker for more than one reason. First, using rental property software on a mobile device ends the paperwork associated with their former, antiquated process. Second, reports can be filed from the field, which means there is no more going back to the office to fill out paperwork and manually push reports to the appropriate people.

Colleges and universities are excellent sources of revenue for communities, and they are also perks for communities seeking components that offer a better quality of life. Offering these students, even though they might only be temporary residents, a safe place to live while they carry out their academic careers is paramount to improving the quality of life for the community as a whole. Partnering with a vendor offering rental property software is a good step in the right direction for ensuring city code enforcement officers are able to do their jobs efficiently.

Comcate, a company that believes government can be more efficient, has developed the software communities need to streamline their workflow processes. Whether it’s a college community dealing with frequent inspections or the average community dealing with an influx of vacant properties, our software can improve any department’s workflow process. For more information, contact us today and learn about how our solutions will integrate with your system, and improve it.

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