• Posted On: June 30, 2015

Using Mobile Technology to Improve Weed Abatement Programs

There are no shortage of news stories that detail run down neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods aren’t built this way – it’s something that occurs over time and can begin with something as simple as letting weeds get out of control, which is why weed abatement is something every municipality values.

The housing crisis following the recession led to many homes being foreclosed on and left vacant for long periods of time. Weeds are the first thing to go out of control as there is no owner present to maintain the property. The overgrown lots are a beacon to squatters who may use the property for illegal activities, including prostitution, drug use, and drug dealing. Gang activity may be introduced to the neighborhood, making residents feel unsafe.

A recent story about a neighborhood in Queens, NY typifies what can happen in blighted areas. According to the report, dozens of homes were left vacant. Overgrown grass and garbage are ever present in this neighborhood, one of the homes of which served as a hide out for a gunman accused of killing a father of three in April.

Of the neighbors who have stayed in the area, they said the former owners have been gone for at least two years. Cars, however, are always parked out front and people come and go quite frequently. Yelling can be heard often and there are frequent bouts of violence.

In total, the neighborhood has 7,700 properties that are in some stage of foreclosure. By some accounts, seven percent of the homes are vacant with banks owning them.

This municipality and many others across America are suffering from issues that can be assisted through using more efficient work processes. For instance, if automated technology were used in weed abatement, city workers would have the tools they need to identify more problem areas. Instead, they’re using antiquated work practices instead of mobile technology which could help automate tasks and keep neighborhoods cleaner and safer.

When city workers are given mobile technology that allows them to remain in constant communication with the office and with other code enforcement officers, they can remain in the field longer, taking care of issues that affect residents. Furthermore, with the right technology, citizens can be part of the solution.

Comcate is a company focused on engineering the kind of software that puts the power back into the hands of the code enforcement officer as well as citizens. Our solution uses mobile technology to open cases, close cases, send reports, schedule follow-ups and a variety of other items that allow workers to stay in the field instead of having to go back to the office where several steps must be carried out before a weed abatement issue is handled. Contact us today and find out how our software can help your community.

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