• Posted On: July 15, 2020

Proper documentation is key for code enforcement notices, including capturing the violation with photographs. But with code enforcement already so busy, why should you spend time taking photos and what should you keep in mind while taking them?

There are several reasons why taking violation photos is important:

  • Proves the violation is real and exists which is important for owners to understand as some may not even be at the location on a frequent basis.
  • Makes a more complete case file.
  • Encourages voluntary abatement by the violator.
  • Provides evidence if the case goes to court.
  • Allows an officer to quickly and easily access details on the violation during the follow-up inspection to note the before and after.
  • Helps support transition of cases from one staff member to another since photos will provide a better understanding of the violation.

While taking photos, keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Make sure photos are clear and easily identify the violation.
  • Include both far and close views when possible to best capture both the location and detail of the violation.
  • Don’t extend cameras over fences or walls or through windows or other areas that an owner/occupant likely has a right to privacy.
  • Download and save all photos taken for future reference.
  • Include a description of where the violation is on the property when uploading the photo to the violation such as the northeast side of the lot.

Taking proper photos helps not only code enforcement officers but also violators to properly get the issue resolved. Learn more about how Comcate’s Code Manager can help track cases in the field.

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