With over 160 million companion animals in the U.S., there is no doubt that pets are an important part of our society. It also implies that there are an average of nearly 1.5 pets for every U.S. household. For some communities, that number is even greater. To effectively manage the rights and safety of both animals and citizens requires a well-organized and efficient animal control staff, with the right tools to do their jobs. Comcate’s Animal Control Solution provides the deep knowledge of municipal staff workflow with technology to provide communities, staff members, supervisors and elected officials with these tools.



  • Comcate’s flexible implementation options allow you to organize your animal control program around citizen requests for service and/or officer-initiated tasks or removals.


  • Easy customization options allow you to manage multiple staff members, shelters, or other stakeholders, with key attributes like animal type, breed, license data, follow-up tasks and full case management capability.


  • An easy-to-use case management tool allows officers in the field to quickly log and document animal issues with GIS-verified location, photographs and notes.


  • The GIS mapping tool allows the field officer to map cases by location for efficient routing during case management runs.


  • A robust set of reports is available for documenting and communicating animal control efforts, including a summary report that displays case data and photos for self-selected cases.


  • Field officers can use Time Tracker to log the time they spend on cases for staff and management review, enabling better understanding of how budget funds are spent and support for future budgeting needs.
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Animal Control Infographic

See how Comcate’s Animal Control solution gives you the tools to protect both residents and animals with the latest technology.

Ft. Pierce Case Study

See how Comcate’s Animal Control software enabled one community’s animal control officers to increase their efficiency and standardize animal case management in the field.

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