Track Graffiti Taggers with Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement Solution

  • Posted On: February 13, 2020

Graffiti is an unsightly problem faced by cities large and small. Graffiti is a drain on both city resources and property values. Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution allows cities to track taggers quickly and efficiently. To learn more about how Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution has changed the way our clients respond to graffiti violations, read on! […]

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The Three Most Helpful Reports for Code Enforcement

  • Posted On: February 10, 2020

Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager’s reporting tools are helping to redefine the reporting process. Code Enforcement Manager can generate accurate reports, with the most up-to-date information, in seconds. We’ve put together a list of our client’s three favorite and most used reports. Read on to learn more! Cases Opened Report              […]

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Comcate’s Animal Control Manager Helps El Monte, CA Keep Ahead of Cases

  • Posted On: February 03, 2020

El Monte, CA, is a bustling city located in Los Angeles County. With a population of 113,475 residents spanning over 9.65 square miles of land, El Monte’s four Animal Control Officers have their work cut out for them. With up to seventeen cases logged each day, El Monte’s Animal Control Department needed a system that […]

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Five Benefits of Automating Your Workflow with Comcate

  • Posted On: January 10, 2020

When agencies look to streamline their operations, workplace automation is one of the first, and most effective steps to take. Wondering how workflow automation can help you? Here’s the top five reasons Comcate’s clients love workflow automation. 1. Never Miss Another Deadline We can all agree that missing a deadline because it got buried in […]

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Make 2020 About Mobile Field Access with Comcate

  • Posted On: December 30, 2019

A New Year is the perfect time for setting new goals. What better goal for public agencies than to improve their effectiveness 2020? Comcate’s new solutions, Code Manager, Animal Control Manager and Abandoned Vehicle Manager, make agencies efficient. Want to learn more? Read on! One of our client’s favorite ways to use Comcate is on […]

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Comcate’s Code Manager Helps Upland, CA Modernizes Their Code Enforcement

  • Posted On: December 10, 2019

Upland, California is a bustling city in San Bernardino County with a population of 73,732 stretching across 15.66 square miles of land. With a team of four, they had a lot of area to cover with no technology to support their efforts. At any given time, the small code enforcement team was manually managing 50-100 […]

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Addressing Graffiti Issues with Technology: City Code Software Works

  • Posted On: February 11, 2018

Graffiti might seem like a fairly victimless crime to those who don’t have to deal with it on a regular basis. However, for many communities this type of “street art,” has become a contributing factor to residents who say their quality of life could be better. In a handful of communities in the San Antonio, […]

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Comcate’s Roadmapping Process

  • Posted On: February 28, 2017

What’s Next For Comcate? Comcate’s Roadmapping Process   Our software roadmap is a process we rely on day in and day out to ensure we’re continually meeting our customers needs. We are focused on delivering reports and we are targeting to deliver this to our customers before the end of March. We have already begun working […]

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How will HB 422 impact you?

  • Posted On: February 15, 2017

The House Bill 422 law that passed in Kentucky last April is making significant changes for the state’s overall code enforcement effectiveness and influence. This reform will impact those municipalities and the technology needed and being used today. The bill consolidates code enforcement provisions & extends lien priority provisions.     Some of the key […]

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Increasing Parent Engagement with Communication Technology

  • Posted On: February 08, 2017

Educational Communities Thrive with Communication Management Technology   Comcate now offers powerful, affordable technology that simplifies and improves communication for School Districts, Universities and Colleges.  Educational institutions are able to increase student and parent engagement and satisfaction while saving staff time and expense – all with Comcate’s easy-to-use, mobile self-service communication portal providing 24×7 community […]

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