Community Development Efforts Improved with Technology

  • Posted On: October 10, 2014

Cities large and small strive to improve their communities. Too often, blight stands in the way. Blight takes many forms, but code enforcement departments do everything they can to keep blight at bay. Communities that have taken on more advanced technology are finding their battle with community development issues far less cumbersome. There are many […]

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Animal Control Issues a Problem in Your Community?

  • Posted On: October 07, 2014

Choose the Right Software Solution to Get it Under Control   Owning a pet isn’t cheap. Americans spend around $56 billion a year on their beloved furry friends and municipalities spend a large amount managing stray and aggressive animals. While we are a society that dotes on our dogs and cats, animal control issues become […]

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City Code Software Brings Efficiencies to Code Enforcement Work

  • Posted On: October 03, 2014

The communities that thrive are ones focusing on integrity, values and preservation. Furthermore, communities that can steer clear of nuisance issues and safety hazards are better able to achieve their goals. Code enforcement is a vital part of this process. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that come into play that can make goals seemingly unobtainable. For […]

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Citizen Mobile Access Improves Code Enforcement

  • Posted On: September 30, 2014

Most people are reluctant to embrace change. When it comes to altering technology in the workplace, change can be the catalyst for major complaints. This is why people behind IT processes need to be very delicate and tactful when introducing a change to the system, as government workers know it. Fortunately, when it comes to […]

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Rental Inspection Checklists Don’t Have to be Daunting

  • Posted On: September 26, 2014

College towns are almost always packed with rental houses that students call home during their tenure at the local university. Some landlords are better than others, which mean a percentage of these homes are going to be in worse shape than others. These homes, regardless of how willing a college student might be to live […]

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The Right Building Inspection Software Can Improve Community Safety

  • Posted On: September 23, 2014

Just about every community with a rich history has an abundance of buildings that add context to the past. These structures, while offering a glimpse into long-gone eras, also present a risk to the community when they aren’t properly cared for. Anyone who has ever bought an older home knows the maintenance on them is […]

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Struggling With Work Orders? Implement a Public Works Software Solution

  • Posted On: September 19, 2014

It doesn’t always require a crushing recession for a community to be forced into making cuts in public services. Most governmental entities faced cutting public services as the recession took hold, but some continue to feel the pain for a variety of reasons not directly related to the recession. Instead of looking at cutting staff […]

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Citizen Mobile Access Helps Reduce Code Enforcement Issues

  • Posted On: September 16, 2014

Many city and county governments pay employees for hundreds of hours every year processing paperwork, and it affects productivity as well as progress in the community. Whether it’s inspection violations, various forms of blight or improper fencing, city and county employees are tasked with running down their lengthy list of issues, all of which are […]

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Code Enforcement Software Can Ease the Blight

  • Posted On: September 12, 2014

Code enforcement officers often have more work than they can handle, and using manual workflow processes that slow down the rate at which cases are processed can put them even more behind. Code enforcement is a costly venture for most communities, especially in communities where properties sit vacant and weed abatement becomes a constant struggle […]

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The Best Tool for a Community Planning Director: Software to More Efficiently Communicate with Citizens

  • Posted On: September 09, 2014

Government workers, both elected and hired are obligated to clearly communicate with citizens. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what happens, and it’s often an issue that involves utilizing sub-par technology. According to the GSDRC Applied Knowledge Services, the functions of government communications lie primarily within three areas – informing, advocating/persuading for policies and reforms and engaging […]

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