Building Code Issues Got You Down? Try Rental Property Software

  • Posted On: November 14, 2014

Building code issues are something that nearly every code enforcement department in cities across the nation are dealing with on a regular basis. Some communities are affected more than others, especially in areas where rental properties are abundant and landlords do a less than perfect job of keeping those properties in good shape. College communities […]

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Building Inspection Technology Helps Ease the Caseload

  • Posted On: November 07, 2014

The south Napa earthquake that hit the community in the early hours of August 24 only lasted a moment, but its effects are being felt to this day. With losses in the $400 million-plus range, the recovery efforts will go on for years. For city workers, dealing with the structural inspections has been nothing short […]

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Code Enforcement Software Can Ease Your Issues with Weed Abatement and Problem Trees

  • Posted On: November 04, 2014

Trees are a beautiful part of the landscapes in our communities. Arboretums flourish in most states and draw people interested in the various species of trees that thrive in specific climates. Homeowners plant them in their yards to bring shade and beauty to their landscape. However, sometimes these wonderful trees around the exterior of our […]

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Code Inspection Technology Assists in Influx of Cases

  • Posted On: October 31, 2014

We’ve all seen it – formerly well-kept houses that families called home for decades that have fallen into ruin. The siding shows signs of wear and is missing in sections; the roof sags and the property surrounding the home has overgrowth and dangerously leaning trees strewn across it. Neighbors are unhappy and city and/or county […]

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Building Inspection Software Can Improve Performance

  • Posted On: October 28, 2014

The inspection checklist property owners dread is long and full of roadblocks that can be intimidating. They aren’t set up to be a hassle, but to keep the people in and around the structure safe at all times. What most people don’t consider is that this checklist can also be confusing for the building inspection […]

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Code Enforcement Software Eases Community Graffiti Problems

  • Posted On: October 24, 2014

What is art to some is an eyesore to others. Since art is largely a matter of taste, it’s easy to see how public art installations can inspire a wealth of controversy within communities. However, most can agree that canvas that some spray paint “artists” use is highly inappropriate. We’re talking about graffiti that finds […]

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Put an End to Slow Inspection Officer Workflow with Modern Technology

  • Posted On: October 21, 2014

Cities become light on resources when natural disasters strike. Look no further than to Napa, CA, which was hit by an earthquake in August causing a backlog of building inspections. Even when things are going as planned, inspection officer requests can get out of hand fairly quickly, especially in communities that have a mixture of […]

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Public Works Software Assists in Plotting Efficiencies

  • Posted On: October 17, 2014

America is a fairly new country when you consider the histories of other countries that date back thousands of years. However, there are a number of cemeteries that are old enough that no close relatives of those buried there are still around today. These are the cemeteries that fall to neglect and become inaccessible. If […]

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Getting the Community Involved: Citizen Mobile Access

  • Posted On: October 14, 2014

Municipalities that look to their citizens to get involved in making the community a more livable place are embracing technology to assist in their efforts. While enforcement should include fines for people who violate city ordinances, equally important are the efforts made to bring area residents into the mix as part of the solution. One […]

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Community Development Efforts Improved with Technology

  • Posted On: October 10, 2014

Cities large and small strive to improve their communities. Too often, blight stands in the way. Blight takes many forms, but code enforcement departments do everything they can to keep blight at bay. Communities that have taken on more advanced technology are finding their battle with community development issues far less cumbersome. There are many […]

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