Keep Better Track of Your Historic Structures with Building Inspection Software

  • Posted On: December 19, 2014

Every community has structures of importance – pieces of architecture that help to tell the story of how the town or city came to be. For some, it’s as small as a commemorative railroad fastening nail that pieced together a rural community to larger cities. For others, it’s a massive amount of old structures, from […]

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Property Zoning Issues: Common Problems That Require Quick Assessment

  • Posted On: December 16, 2014

One of the most important issues a city government has to deal with on a daily basis is related to zoning. The speed and efficiency at which they can address these issues can determine a community’s potential. Property zoning issues come in many shapes and sizes. The typical zoning issue that most departments face on […]

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Ease Your Reliance on Outside Sources with Building Permit Software

  • Posted On: December 12, 2014

Building investors in Las Vegas got hit hard during the recession. Many projects were put on hold as some investors went bankrupt. That was then; this is now. Las Vegas is seeing such an uptick in construction that Clark County officials have had to outsource building permits. Outsourcing the process of issuing building permits is […]

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Empower Your Community With Citizen Mobile Access

  • Posted On: December 09, 2014

Code enforcement is a vital service that communities depend on to keep them safe and their neighborhoods clean. During bad economic times, code enforcement departments are stretched to the limit, which is why bringing citizens into the mix makes sense, not just during a recession, but in good times as well. The recession forced many […]

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With Winter’s Arrival, Animal Control Cases Increase

  • Posted On: December 05, 2014

Frigid temperatures began hitting a major portion of the U.S. recently, which means dog and cat owners who insist on leaving their pets outdoors need to provide a safe environment for their pets. Denver, CO, which gets hit with snow on a consistent basis during the winter months, has animal control officers frequently checking on […]

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Using an Analog Inspection Checklist? Embrace Technology and Speed up Your Work Process

  • Posted On: December 02, 2014

The piles of inspection jobs for rental properties can become a major issue for communities without the staffing to get to them in a timely fashion. In some communities, it’s not the staffing that’s an issue – it’s the processes they’re using to get through the inspection checklist. Sunbury, PA, a picturesque community on the […]

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Citizen Mobile Access Offers Property Zoning Relief

  • Posted On: November 28, 2014

Let’s face it – mention the word “government” and something that comes to mind fairly quickly is “red tape.” The checks and balances can be frustrating for citizens who are just trying to make a living, like businesses in Boston that are required to get two permits for their fire alarm systems, one from the […]

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A Community Development Manager Issue Solved with City Code Software

  • Posted On: November 25, 2014

Government workers ask a lot of their citizens. For instance, Port St. Lucie residents are being asked this summer to be patient in regards to overgrown vacant lots and the city’s ability to get to them in a timely fashion. According to an article from a local media outlet, Port St. Lucie has a city […]

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Give Your Code Enforcement Officer Inspection Software That Works

  • Posted On: November 21, 2014

Working with the community is something every code enforcement officer should do to improve customer satisfaction as well as the safety of the community as a whole. Some of the work processes departments are using currently are counterproductive to this goal. San Luis Obispo code enforcement officers went on a public campaign recently, going door […]

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Boost the Productivity of Your Building Inspector With Building Permit Software

  • Posted On: November 18, 2014

Anyone working in an IT department for a governmental body can attest to lean budgets that keep spending on new technology to a minimum. However, a small investment in mobile software can bring vast improvements that actually save money while improving efficiencies. Whether it’s a building inspector keeping a busy schedule with new construction or […]

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